Hotel for horses in Ålbæk

Accommodation for horse and rider

Accommodation for riders can take place at one of the various accommodation options. We offer: Bed & Breakfast, hostel or tent.

You can bring your horse to Ålbæk Bed & Breakfast.

We have a large area with several paddocks with good and visible one meter high electric fencing. Your horse will get its own area. It will not be placed in a paddock with horses which it is not familiar to.

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Feed for the horse

We expect there will be grass in the paddocks throughout the summer season. The paddocks are on sandy ground, and the grass is native grass from the dunes and meadows.

The paddocks are free from poisonous plants such as groundsel (senecio and jacobaea), oak and yew.

You can buy silage by appointment.

There are water tubs in every paddock, which can be filled by the rider with water carried from the house.

Riding options

Ålbæk Bed & Breakfast is located just beside the horse riding route “riderute Nordvendsyssel”, approximately two kilometers south of Råbjerg church. There is direct access between the path and the farm and signs are posted at the riding path. There is access to several different riding opportunities in the area, for instance “riderute Nordvensyssel” or around the state-owned Ålbæk plantation.

On a riding holiday at Ålbæk Bed & Breakfast, you have the possibility of many days of good riding.

Link to the route Nordvendsyssel.


Behind the house there is plenty of parking space for cars with trailer. It is possible to store saddles and other riding equipment inside.

Driving with a trailer can be arranged.

If you need a guide or a farrier, we will be happy to assist you finding what you need.
Kurt holds many practical skills if you have equipment that is broken.

We have our own horses and are used to working around them.